This game was made to test out a combat system designed for a tabletop role playing game. I didn't have time to implement an in game tutorial, so let me explain the rules.

Each turn, you and your opponent will roll 7 six-sided dice. Those dice are special: they don't have numbers on them, instead some faces are marked with a circle, indicating  a success. Yellow dice have 3 faces with circles, red dice only two.

After you rolled, you can drag and drop your dice on different actions, that are as follow:

  • Move: move one tile per die  spent here in the direction of the arrow. Click on the arrow to change its direction. Note that as both you and your opponent move before attacking, your new positions will influence your chances to hit and get hit.
  • Attack: the more dice you put into this actions, the greater your chances of hitting your opponent. Your spear is better handled when you are two spaces away from your opponent, so each tile closer or further than this will hinder you and  cancel one of your dice. For example, if you're only 1 tile away from your opponent, you will have to place at least two dice in the attack action to have a chance to hit them.
  • Defend: each dice placed here cancels out one of you opponent's attack dice.

Actions are resolved as follow: your move, your opponent's  move, your attack, their attack.

An attack hits if at least one die has not been cancelled out. A hit inflicts a wound, replacing a yellow die by a red one. After three wounds, the character dies, ending the game.

I hope I did a good job explaining the rules, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Enjoy!


  • All assets and code made by me, using Godot and Inkscape.
  • Color palette by AndréM.
  • Sounds by Kenney.
  • Font Marvin Vision by Mathieu Triay.

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