1.1 is out!

This version was made after the Ludum Dare 50, so if you're here to rate the game make sure you download the 1.0.


  • fix small freezes at the start of a run.
  • fix frame rate: this might drastically change the speed of the game for you, be warned!
  • fix weird flashes.
  • fix random generation.


  • Change the way score is calculated to encourage speed over total time: you'll now gain points by clearing sections as fast as possible. Total duration and distance are no longer counted. Sadly it means you old best score cannot be kept.
  • Sections of the track that had turns do not turn as sharply as before, to let you see incoming obstacles more easily
  • Obstacles' positions were altered to be more fair.

New Content

  • Two new track sections.


Post Jam Version - TOOB 1.1 99 MB
Apr 10, 2022


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