A downloadable game for Windows

Go as fast as you can and try to collect bonuses while avoiding any obstacle. Going at full speed grants you more point, but will you take the risk?



  • W / Z / Up: accelerate
  • S / Down: brake
  • AD / QD / Left and Right: steer

XBox Gamepad

  • RT / A: accelerate
  • LT / B: brake
  • Left stick: steer left and right

You might experience light freezes when the race starts, don't worry they disappear pretty fast. We were not able to fix them in the time we had left, sorry about that.


Install instructions

Unzip the file, open it and launch TOOB.exe


Jam version - TOOB 1.0 98 MB
Post Jam Version - TOOB 1.2 104 MB

Development log


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reminds me of pipe rider

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Hi Zak, thanks a lot for the shout out! It is an honor to be featured in your video.

Your game deserve that, it has a cool concept idea and the gameplay is fun to go through.

Bonjour =) !

N'hésitez pas à venir vous présentez ainsi que votre jeu sur la communauté EspaceGodot https://discord.com/invite/Vz4xVCC

Ce sera un plaisir de vous y recevoir :)